At the core of the malaise for ICO, in my opinion, are scams. Three types of activities may be considered

There are different views among economists towards governmental intervention in economic activities. Two sources of this disagreement that can be

ICO (initial coin offering) has caused much controversy and received much criticism in the last couple of years. This is

I clearly remember four points in my life at which if I had taken “the other path” I should be

The Howey Test provides a tool to measure whether an instrument is a security. We know for sure that ether

This video series aims to highlight three aspects of IdeaFeX: What is IdeaFeX? Why is it a game-changer? How does

IdeaFeX is the public financing and exchange platform that democratizes venture-financing by supporting merit-based, high-impact entrepreneurship and value-driven investment. We

Every round of technological revolution has its secondary effects. Each time, leaders emerge as the hegemon while deniers are left behind. I’m introducing IdeaFeX because it may just be the secondary effect that democratizes venture financing and, in the process, help make the world a better place.

While many have cited “going mainstream” to explain the meteoric rise in prices for cryptos, it is clearly the contrary

Largely founded on the distrust of the current banking system, the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, aims to provide a deflationary alternative

Progress and equality are two ideals of modern society, yet technological innovation as a form of progress has been driving

In the last century, the world of arts has diverged notably into two groups: popular arts that can be cheaply

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