IdeaFeX video intro series (now complete)

13 February 2018 at 7:43 am | Posted in Innovation

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This video series aims to highlight three aspects of IdeaFeX:

  1. What is IdeaFeX?
  2. Why is it a game-changer?
  3. How does IdeaFeX create value for every stakeholder involved?

Specifically, I will explain:

  • What is special about IdeaFeX, and how does it compare to current venture financing models?
  • What is the IdeaFeX value-creation model?
  • What is IdeaFeX’s business model?
  • What are some of the challenges we face in building the IdeaFeX platform?
  • What social and economic impacts can IdeaFeX deliver?
  • Along which timeline can we expect IdeaFeX to be functional?

The playlist can be found here.

The following is the list of videos already added:

  1. 01: IdeaFeX compared to VCs
  2. 02: IdeaFeX compared to crowdfunding
  3. 03: IdeaFeX enjoys qualities unfound in VCs or crowdfunding
  4. 04: IdeaFeX empowers entrepreneurs w/ merit-based access
  5. 05: IdeaFeX empowers entrepreneurs w/ direct engagement
  6. 06: IdeaFeX empowers entrepreneurs w/ steady capital flow
  7. 07: IdeaFeX empowers investors w/ broad access
  8. 08: IdeaFeX empowers investors w/ global reach
  9. 09: IdeaFeX empowers investors w/ equity
  10. 10: IdeaFeX transforms risk management
  11. 11: IdeaFeX optimizes resource allocation globally
  12. 12: IdeaFeX accelerates innovation
  13. 13: IdeaFeX improves social & economic mobility
  14. 14: IdeaFeX improves income equality
  15. 15: IdeaFeX promotes self-fulfillment
  16. 16: IdeaFeX creates value (the IdeaFeX value-creation model)
  17. 17: IdeaFeX enjoys an organic business model
  18. 18: IdeaFeX intro overview: Efficiency & Robustness