IdeaFeX White Paper v1.01

Merit-based venture financing meets high-impact entrepreneurship & value-driven investment

4 February 2018 at 11:23 am | Posted in Innovation

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IdeaFeX is the public financing and exchange platform that democratizes venture-financing by supporting merit-based, high-impact entrepreneurship and value-driven investment. We combine venture capital and crowdfunding with a speculation-resistant exchange: For entrepreneurs, we bring access to investors all over the world not only for funding but also for their ideas and expertise. Moreover, with our exchange startups can release new shares, thus avoiding successive rounds of financing. For investors, we present opportunities to engage new ventures that match their vision, experience, and expertise and to profit from this engagement in terms of not only returns on investment but also self-fulfillment and perhaps employment. Further, using our exchange investors can manage their risks and returns better.

We believe the IdeaFeX model will galvanize the public in driving economic and social progress. Compared to many other investment opportunities, investors are contributing directly to the real economy while enjoying attractive risk-reward ratios and quick turnarounds. What is unique here is that IdeaFeX helps advance entrepreneurship, for-profit or otherwise, by focusing on merit. We define merit as the expected value delivered to the society. With this focus, we promote social and economic mobility by allowing the brightest, the most diligent, and the most conscientious better odds of success; we also drive income equality by bringing quality value-driven investment opportunities directly to the homes of millions. As a unifying force, IdeaFeX will be the bottom-up solution that helps direct innovation and technological advancement to improving lives.

In this document, we go over our vision, key benefits to our users, the mechanism of IdeaFeX, and the overall economic and social impacts we hope to bring. At the time of this writing, IdeaFeX itself is still an idea. There are numerous foreseeable and unforeseeable challenges and resistances. Just as IdeaFeX supports merit-based entrepreneurship, we deeply believe in our merits in improving resource allocation globally and across sectors, in driving mobility and income equality, and in promoting self-fulfillment. We believe we will sail through these challenges and resistances and grow into a leading force in global economy.

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