Benefits of Drinking More Water

From health to money to your love life

29 November 2017 at 3:16 pm | Posted in Life

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There’s a plethora of reasons for drinking more water health-wise, but the benefits go well beyond that. Let’s count them out

Health reasons

  1. Keeps the fluid moving: water helps carry nutrients as well as metabolic wastes to their destinations; more water makes this task easier.
  2. Reduces the load on your kidneys: kidneys work to balance the chemical composition in the plasma; this again is made easier when there’s a (slight) excess of water in the blood as kidneys don’t need to reabsorb water from wastes (urine).
  3. (Slightly) thinner blood reduces the rate of buildup in blood vessels: think about the parallel with plumbing.
  4. No calories: it is a bad idea to drink high-calorie drinks, especially sugary ones, that goes directly into your bloodstream without the need of digestion.

Economic reasons

  1. No need to stock any pricey drinks: when you only drink water, you don’t have to keep any pricey drinks at home; then, when friends come, you help them stay healthy as well — win, win, win… (depending on how many they are).
  2. Eat at great restaurants on the cheap: pricey restaurants have pricier wines; it’s easy to save half of the money when you say you don’t drink alcohol.

Life reasons

  1. Stay focused: without the sugar rush from high-calorie drinks or the drowsiness from alcoholic drinks, you can stay more focused to succeed in life.
  2. Avoid trouble: you’ll alienate your alcoholic friends and the party girls (or boys); you’ll be thankful for it later (or maybe not, if you haven’t met the part girl yet…).
  3. Exercise more: with all the added energy, you can exercise more, improve your health, and maybe make some friends with healthy lifestyles.

Backup reason

  1. Still OK to drink: even when you’re drinking more water, it’s still fine to drink alcohol — and you may do that sparingly and wisely (perhaps by hiding a bottle somewhere to share with your party girl?) — we won’t tell.