Hindsight, Education, and Those Who Prevail

How we fail as a society again and again

20 May 2018 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Life

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I clearly remember four points in my life at which if I had taken “the other path” I should be healthier, richer, and happier. This is the power of hindsight. We learn from these mistakes and better ourselves.

The problem with this type of learning is that life is short. As we become wiser, the years when such wisdom would be the most valuable pass us by. This is why we have schools and education — they are here so that we learned from others.

Alas, I personally have the feeling that it is precisely the most valuable lessons that education has failed to teach: the mistakes.

Students crowd into seminars held by celebrities, successful businessmen, and renowned scientists. They read their stories. History itself is written by those who prevail. However, I reckon that the most valuable lessons can be learnt from those who fail — yet their stories are left untold.

Sure, some “losers” have published books and told their stories, but the processing done to make these stories “marketable” deprives them of their essence, making them inorganic.

It is for this reason, I reckon, that we as a society fail again and again.